Pongamia oil cake


Pongamia cake is a good fertilizer and has good soil binding capacity .

It also helps to some extend in controlling soil insects and nematodes.

Role in organic farming

• Pongamia cake is an excellent bio fertilizer widely used in organic farming,

it can be applied for all vegetable crops like Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal.

• As pongamia cake is a natural source of nitrogen, it reduces cultivation cost.

It gives various plant nutrients to crops. And also it protects crop from the insects, soil born

pathogens,namatodes and bacteria.

Ratio of Pongamia cake

Pongamia cake consists of

4.2% of nitrogen

0.9% of phosphate

2.0% of potash.

50-60 kg of pongamia cake is recommended for one acre.

Pongamia leaves are used in paddy, sugarcane, arecanut, coffee estates as a green manure.

Pongamia leaves possesing high percentage of nitrogen.

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