Sapindus Emerginatus Vahl seeds


Distribution : dry and moist deciduous forest.

Description : a deciduous tree of medium size.

Flowering: October to December

Uses: Being a source of high quality saponin , it is a natural saponin , it is a natural surfactant

and effective as anormal detergent and foam products. soap nuts are anti microbial and also

used to treat skin diseases. Soapnuts are used by jewelers to remove the tarnish from the old

Concerns: low germination , short lived seeds.

Harvesting: collect mature fruits which are brown in colour. Avoid ground collection as most of

the seeds would be attacked by insects

Initial seed moisture content: 8.82%

Seed processing: remove the dry wrinkled coat manually to expose the hardy seeds . sieve, to

select bigger seeds of diameter 8mm and above so as to obtain good germination.

Pretreatement: no pre treatements required. Sow the seeds when fresh.

Careful observation of seed drawn from a seed lot reveals the extent of infestation by insects,

which are seen as tiny pores drilled on black seed coat. Insect seed attack in seeds one of the

main reasons for poor germination.

Germination method: dibble seeds in nursery bed filled with red earth; sand : FYM in the ratio

2:1:1 at 0.5 cm depth and cover with thin layer of sand.

Practice watering atleast once daily. Seeds start germination after 15-17 days