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castor seeds


Castor plant widely distributed in india, Pakistan ,china, Arabia ,African countres. It’s character is medium heat and dry . Eranda in hindi

Castor leaves and seeds contains medicinal properties, it used in unani medicine. Castor seed is used for constipation, five number of seeds is enough for one time consumption.

Castor oil is used as lamp oil . castor leaves relieve joint pain, wounds. leaves applied external use only. Introduction: Castor distributed even on wasteland also. Castor oil has many uses. reported to have 40% to 60% of oil in seeds. India is leading manufacturer of castor oil in world.

There is two types of seed in size.

  • Big size has 2610 seeds /per kg.
  • Small size seeds contains 1164 seeds.

Collection of fruits: Castor plant reach reproductive stage within one year. matured fruits can be harvest and placed in direct sunlight to dry . Seeds can be separated by stick. harvest continues on three to four months. Weight , germination percentage ,oil content will be poor on unmatured fruits.

Processing: Seeds will be shattered if fruits allowed to dry in sunlight around one week. Spraying cow dung water on harvested fruits helps to dehull easily. It enhance colour and glow of seeds.

Storage: we can dehull easily Seed storage: No need to special attention in seed storage. Mostly insects and pathogens does not attack. Seeds can be stored in gunny bags for three years without decreasing of oil content. Well dried and moisture free bags can stacked in godown.

Germination: Castor like highly photosynthesis , will not grow well in shade. Shade affects germination percentage also. High Germination percentage achieved by those seeds have low moisture and more weight during harvest. Initial germination is reported to 92%. Soaking the seeds in water for 12 hours improve the germination. Germination period takes 7 to 45 days.