Calophylum Inophyluml seeds-Tamanu seeds



Common name : punnai (tam), punna (mal), Alexandrian laurel (eng)

Distribution : coastal tamil nadu , seen along riverbanks

Description: it is a low branching and slow growing tree with broad and irregular grown.Leaves

oval, leathery and shin dark green.

It usually reaches 8 to 20 M height.

Fruiting : september to November

Uses : seedoil posseses healing properties and is employed in preparing skin crèmes .

The seed oil is suitable for biodiesel manufacture .

Yield: The average oil yield is 11.7 kg –oil /tree or 4680 kg-oil/hectare

Harvesting: pick fruits at yellow to green stage of maturity

Initial seed moisture content: 44.52%

Seed processing : peel off leathery seed coat ( testa )using knife to expose undamaged hardy

Pretreatment: removal of seed coat improves germination to fold 20 ie 95 to 100%

Germination method ; red earth : sand :FYM in 2:1:1 ratio filled in 20 cm *8 cm poly bags or

Alternate storage method: keep the seeds without seed coat in earthen pots and cover its

Place the pot in a bucket filled with moist sand .

Ensure that moist sand throughout the storage period .this helps equilibrating moisture in

seeds .likewise seeds can be stored for four months with 95% germination.

Seed storage behavior : Recalcitrant seed with mechanical dormancy.