Annatto seeds



Bixa orellana is scientifical name of annatto . it also called as lipstick tree. Annatto becoming

commercially important crop . it is a medium growing india annatto is mainly cultivated in

Andhra , orissa ,maharastra , Madhya pradfesh and tamilnadu.

Uses of annatto

Such as bixin , nar bixin , orellin are also derived from annatto’s seed coat has coouring agent

which provides dark red colour dye,and it used as a best food colour.

These food colours are used for colouring processed milk ,pannier, cheese,fish, salad, ice creamand

bakery products.

Annatto seeds and leaves possessing rare medicinal properties.

Seeds utilized in treatement of cancer. Annatto leaf juice controls fallen of hair

Natural dye

Natural dyes manufacturing industries based on annatto are situated in kerala, Andhra, tamilnadu, and


Annatto also grown on a smaller scale in salem , Madurai, tirunelveli districts of taminadu.

Mexico variety is widely cultivated in large scale.

Climate, land preparation and planting:

It can be cultivated on marginal and moderate land also.

Soil ph should be7.0 to 7.5, well drained soil is suitable for annatto cultivation.

Annatto thrives well with an annual rain fall of 1000 to 1200 cm, and in 20 to 25 c.

Rain should not occurs on reproductive stage of plant and also 30 to 35 c is ideal climate for it’s

maturing period.