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Tamil Name: Aambal, Thamarai( Red), sivappu thamarai.
Malayalam: Aravindam, can& kon: kamala.
English : Egyptian or sacred Lotus,
French : Nelumbo, German : Pactige Nelumbo,.
Sanskrit : Pankaja, Padma, Kamala( white), Kokonad( pink),Induvara ( blue).

This large aquatic herb with its elegant sweet scented flower is generally met within tanks and ponds throughout India.
Useful Parts:
Flowers , filaments, anthers, stalks, seeds, Leaves & Roots i.e, whole plant
Constituents: Rhizome & seeds contain Resins, glucose, metarbin,tannin ,fat, an alkaloid “ nelumbine”similar to nupharine identical with that Nupharluteum.
Seeds are demulcent, Nutritive.Aphrodisiac
Filaments and flowers are cooling, Sedative, astringent, cholagogue , diuretic, bitter ,refrigerant and expectorant. Root is demulcent.

Medicinal values:
•    Whole plant including Root ,Stem & flower is called Padmini. The torus or receptacle for the seed is called Karnikara.
•    Nelumbo lucifera flower powder mixed with ghee is taken internally for piles.
•    Flowers, filaments & juice of the flower, stalks are useful in diarrhoea, cholera, fever, dysentery.
•    Lotus flower Powder is recommended for pregnant ladies to normal delivery, and as cardiac tonic, liver complaints also.
•    “The root, flowers, stalk& leaves in the form of infusion are used in Fever as refrigerant and diuretic”- Chopra.
•    Lotus flowers & fresh leaves ground with sandal wood or emblic myrobalan also form acooling application to the forhead in cephalalgia, to the skin in erysipelas, and to other external inflammations.

•    Pistils are used with Black Pepper externally & internally as an antidote in snake Poisoning ( cobra Bite) , scorpion –sting.
•    In bleeding piles the filaments of lotus are given with honey & fresh butter or with sugar- ( bhavaprakash)
•    Seeds are used as an application in leprosy and other skin infections.
•    Seeds of those of Euryale feroz are used as an article of diet to diminish venereal desires.
•    Syrup of dried flowers , dose 1 to 3 drachms.
•    Compound decoction ( 1 in 10 ) of flowers, filaments with liquorice ,sugar candy. Dose : ½ to 1 ½ ounces.
•    Powder of seeds from 10- 30 grains.
•    Confection of seeds, Paste of leaves.