Biomass Briquettes


Bio mass briquettes are renewable source of energy, cheap ,clean and green way of energy.  Biomass briquetting is the process of densification of loose biomass material to produce compact solid composites of different sizes with application of pressure. Briquetting of crop residues takes place with the application of pressure, heat, and binding agent on the loose agro waste materials to produce the briquettes.


Advantages of briquettes

• This is one if the alternative methods to save the consumption and dependency on fuel wood.
• Densities fuel s are easy to handle, transport, and store, so it save money, space and time.
• Briquettes are uniform in size and quality.
• The process helps to solve the residual disposal problem, and also value added agro waste provides income to rural livelihood.
• The process assists the reduction of fuel wood and deforestation.
• Indoor air pollution is minimized, so it can be used in hotels even in urban houses.
Setting up the briquettes production unit, raw material should be locally available.

Briquettes a promising fuel

• Briquettes produced from briquetting of biomass are fairly good substitute for lignite, and firewood and offer numerous advantages.
• Briquettes are cheaper than coal, oil, or lignite once used cannot be replaced.
• It is an eco friendly, because there is no sulphur in briquettes.
• There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.
• Briquettes have a consistent quality, have high burning efficiency and are ideally sized for complete combustion.
• Combustion is more uniform compared to coal.
• Unlike coal, lignite, or oil , briquettes are produced from renewable source of energy, biomass
• Loading and unloading and transportation costs are much less and storage requirement is drastically reduced.
• Briquettes are clean to handle and can be packed in bags for ease of handling and storage.
• Briquettes are usually produced near the consumption centers and supplies depend on errastic transport from long distances.
• The technology is pollution free and eco feiendly.
• The briquettes is easy to ignite
• Continuous and long burning duration.
Functions and applications
The briquettes can be used for domestic purposes, (cooking,heating , barbequing) and industrial purposes(agro industries, food processing ) in both urban and rural areas.

Technical specifications:-

Diameter 60 mm to 90 mm
Length : between 5 “ to 6 “
Calorific value : minimum 4000 cal/g
Moisture content : below 10%
Ash content : below 10%

Raw materials of biomass briquettes

• Red gram talk
• Castor
• Tapioca waste
• Groundnut shell
• Sugarcane baggas
• Moringa dried fruit pods
• Saw mill dust
• Cotton ,chilly , brinjal stalk
• Pods while shelling
• Coconut stalk
• Other agro wastes such as husks, cob, stalks, stems, shells, sticks.
• Waste from bio product industries like saw mills , plywood industries, furniture factories
• Mahua seed shell, Pongamia pods, bamboo branches.