Pongamia Oil


We are manufacturer and supplier of Pongamia Oil & Oil Cakes.

Nano cure pongamia oil is extracted from fine quality seeds and double

filtered. Our quality

products meets international standards.




Pongamia oil is of great value in indigenous medicine as a stimulant and for the

treatment of skin diseases;

it has antiseptic, antiparasitic and cleansing properties. It is used in medicinal

preparations for scabies and leucoderma.

The furanoflavones present in karanja oil are helpful in enhancing pigmentation

of affected skin.

Industrial uses:

Undistilled oil is used in the manufacture of laundry soap and the distilled oil is

used in the manufacture of toilet soap.

The sulphonated oil is used in leather industry.

Karanja oil is also used in manufacture of phenyles, greases, lubricants, massage

oils and/edpoxy compounds.

In Organic farming:


• Villagers use this oil for burning lamps. The oil is also reported to have

insecticidal properties. The cake is a good fertilizer and has good soil

binding property. It also helps to some extent in controlling soil insects

and nermatodes.

• Pongamia oil use as a bio-pesticide gives very good result in different

diseases of the crops such as army worm corn stem borer, ctrus, citrus leaf

miner, rice caseworm, potato tuber moth, pulse beetle, pant hopper, white

flies & many other.

Physico-chemical constants of pongamia oil :

specific gravity 0.9273/30o

181.5, idodine value 89.1, acid value 6.3, actyle value 20.9 and unsaponifiable

matter 4.2%. The fatty acid composition of the oil has been reported to be :

palmitic (3.7 – 7.9%), stearic (2.4 – 8.8%), arachidic (2.2 – 4.7%), behinic (4.2 –

5.3%), lignoceric (1.1 – 3.5%), oleic (44.5 – 71.3%), linoleic (10.8 – 18.3%) and

Eicosenoic (9.5 – 12.4%) acids. Colouring and odouriferous constituents cannot

be removed by conventional refining methods. Mixed solvent refining procedure

has been developed to produce an oil with fatty acid composition similar to that

of groundnut oil.