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Botanical Name: Hydnocarpus Pentandra Oken

The ‘Chaulmoogra’ oil is extracted from the seeds of H. Pentandra
and other species of Hydnocarpusviz., H. alpine, H. Kurzi.

It is also used for making Soap.
Seeds yield Hydnocarpus or chaulmoogra oil, used in the treatment of leprosy.
Seed oil is also anti-inflammatory, alterative, tonic, used as local application is rheumatism, sprains, braises, sciatica and chest affections.
It is  also used in leucoderma, worm infection, polyuria, pruritus, eye diseases and sinus wound
Seeds yield a yellow oil used for burning lamps.“Kan mazhi” was prepared by lighting the lamp in Marotti oil in those days.
It’s oil is considered to be the most auspicious among Tribals.
Tamil name(s): Maravetti