Mahua oil cake


• Mahua oil cake is an excellent and original bio shampoo used for past centuries.
• It has “Mourin” , medicinal properties cure skin problems
• Mahua oil cake is the prime raw material of major shikai kaai powder, available in the market.
• It removes the strain from oily cookwares, so it is called “ Natural dish wash powder”
• One of the important use is application of fish pond to destroy the weed fishes. (i.e. other fishes except which fishes are planning to grow in the pond .
• Mahua cake is an excellent bio input in the plant nutrient management, because it contains potassium and phosphate.

Nitrogen 2.5 -2.6%
Potassium 0.1- 0.9 %
Phosphate 0.6- 0.8%

During festival time usage of mahua cake when taking oil bath is tradition.